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Five Reasons why Natural Stone is a Smart Investment for Your Home

Natural stone is one of the most sought-after materials in construction. It not only adds to the beauty of your home but also enhances the economic value of your property. Here are five compelling reasons why you should include natural stone to your residential or commercial property to boost its value.

A Learn how to Match your Kitchen Countertops, Cabinets, Floor Tiles

The countertops, floor and wall tiles and cabinets make up the three major components of your kitchen. Whether you’re renovating an existing kitchen or building one from scratch – you have a world of colour choices open before you.

Do’s and Don’ts to Keep your Marble Shower Clean & Sparkly

Do’s and Don’ts to Keep your Marble Shower Clean & Sparkly

Marble is one of the most sophisticated materials you can use in your bathroom. Elegant, classy and stylish – it enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your bathroom, while adding value to your property.

Create the Ultimate Man Cave with Natural Luxury Stone Tiles

Create the Ultimate Man Cave with Natural Luxury Stone Tiles

Every man dreams of a space to call his own. A space where he can take a break from the kids, partner and the pressures of modern life. A space where he can goof around, become a couch potato, catch up on his favourite.

A Guide to Choosing Sustainable Flooring Options for your Home

Though floors account for the most space in a residence or commercial zones, they are one of the most underrated elements. They have a long-term impact on the look, feel and even functionality of your space.

How did Granite Countertops become the Standard for Kitchens?

Nowadays, when anyone considers a kitchen remodel or a new kitchen, the first material that pops into one’s mind is the granite kitchen counter. Very often, all that’s needed to make a drab kitchen into a super-glossy.

The Complete List of Do’s and Don’ts of Natural Stone Care

Whether it is floor, wall tiles or countertops, natural stone customers are often mystified and overwhelmed by the tons of contradicting information out there.“Is bleach safe to use on natural stone surfaces?”

Three Tips on How to Successfully Pair Porcelain Tiles with Marble

Pairing luxurious marble with pocket-friendly porcelain? Is that even possible to pull off the look? Above all, why would you even want to do this? There are plenty of reasons why a person may want to do this.

Turn your Interiors into a Modern Marvel with Natural Stone Tiles

Before we head into today’s article, a quick question, “What’s the one material that has been used in construction right from the early days when man began to build houses?” Yep, you’ve got it right. Yes, it’s “Natural Stone”.

Keep Your Natural Stone Floors and Vanity Countertops Picture-Perfect Forever

Eek...stained and yucky grout lines, making your beautiful, natural stone tile floors disgusting? Roll up your sleeves, as we tackle the “Dirty Grout demon” and restore the beauty of your floors and walls.

Say Yes to Marble Countertops for your Kitchens

Marble is one of the classic choices for countertops. Elegant, pretty and sophisticated – it remains a popular choice adorning kitchens for millennia. Bright and a comfort to cook on and clean, marble is one of the best choices for kitchens.

Top Reasons why Sandstone Flooring make for an Excellent Investment for your Homes

Sandstone tiles have been used for floors since ancient times. Durable, elegant, earthy and rustic, these tiles make the perfect addition to all styles of households from rustic farmhouses to contemporary urban villas.

Your Guide to Keeping your Granite Countertops Brand New Forever

Do’s and Don’ts: All that you Need to Know

Ok, after days of deliberation, pouring over countless colour charts, you’ve got your brand new granite countertops from decor luxury stones, installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

Sandstone Flooring The Classical Beauty that Never Goes out of Style

Sandstone is one of the most beautiful types of natural stones out there. Famous for its distinctive style and colour, most homeowners opt for this natural flooring material due to its elegance and earthy tones.

Everything you need to Know about Granite Flooring

Natural stone floors are elegant, luxurious, sophisticated, and durable and are sure to add charming appeal and value to your home. And, one of the best natural stone flooring options out there is – granite.